Mijn Stigas Omgeving

How to combine dozens of initiatives into a platform to reach one goal: healthy people?

Healthy people results in a healthy company. Healthy companies create a healthy industry. This is the mission of Stigas. There are dozens of things that can be done to improve the health of all employees. Stigas offers most of them. By building a tool where all digital services of Stigas come together, we guide employers through all the opportunities and help to improve workforce health.

Digital Growth Agency developed a platform where customers have all their basic and advanced health initiatives in one place. Combining f.e. the registration of prevention officers and Emergency Response Officers, offering tools and access to occupational physicians. With Mijn Stigas customers stay on track, and Stigas gains insight through an integration with the newly implemented Marketing CRM. With this Marketing CRM Stigas educates customers on a personal level and encourages them to take next steps.

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