The case
Wunderkraut Nederland
Woodwing Software
Publishing / Media
Launch date
Building a new website for Woodwing Software, based upon their new digital first strategy. Woodwing software is a global market leader, in multichannel publishing and digital asset management software.
Project description
Based upon their digital transformation strategy, Woodwing wanted a new conversion driven website. The transformation that Woodwing is driving, is based upon the change of the licensing model of their products, from on prem to cloud and from silo based towards integrated products. To fit this new strategy, woodwing wanted a website that could faster adapt to their shorter cycles of the Go To Market strategy. One of the primary goals for the new website of Woodwing was to have more options to make flexible landing pages for their products and services. For this reason, Wunderkraut created together with Woodwing the visual design, prototyping and with a buy in from the stakeholders, the site itself.
The site has many backend integration with the DAM of Woodwing itself for the images (available as open source, see https://www.drupal.org/project/media_elvis ) , integration with sales force for the CRM, S3 for storage within amazon cloud, as well as marketto as a marketing automation tool. The frontend is completely made for optimizing the customer journeys, resulting in a 128% increase on the product pages for conversion. Due the integrated AB testing, this number is increased every month!
The main challenge was to develop a setup which made it work to have this flexibility within Drupal. Because of that, we created our own paragraphs set-up for this client. Making sure wooding can tell the story, we created a very high conversion rate.

We started with atomic design and work away with many iterations towards the card based layout we have currently running.
Community contributions
We are in the process of contributing the modules we created for drupal.org and are writing down of our experience, so they can be reused.

Some of the code (like the DAM Elvis integration) is already available.