provides professionals insight in contracted healthcare

The case
Gemeente Leeuwarden, Sociaal Domein Fryslan
Launch date
Summary is a responsive website owned by Sociaal Domein Fryslan (part of municipality Leeuwarden) and serves healthcare professionals with information regarding contracted healthcare. is a Drupal 8 website.
Project description
Municipalities have become responsible for the purchase of Youthcare and WMO. Since 2018 the municipalities in Friesland have committed to publish all regional contracted healthcare in a clear and transparent way.

Objectives of the project
The objective was to design, built and develop a website which shows the contracted (inter)regional healthcare on a transparent and clear way for healthcare professionals.

The website serves several target groups and aims to realize the following objectives:
• Helping users (professionals) finding the right healthcare and support in an efficient way;
• Showing which contracted healthcare and support is available for citizens;
• Supporting local professionals with a knowledge base;
• Showing contact and expertise details of local professionals;

Achieving objectives
The website has been launched in December, so it is too early to draw conclusions. The first impression of the principal is that the website makes it easier for healthcare professionals to find and select experiences (healthcare) specialists.
During the project we had to deal with several challenges, regarding design and requirements (of course in relation with budget ☺).

Organizational challenges have been managed by taking the Agile approach. We had several meetings to align the work and goals. However we had to deal with several product owners during the project.

The main challenge we had to deal with was to develop a clear and straight interaction design to publish the three kinds of information in a clear way for the healthcare professionals. We managed to do this by taking a lean and mean structure on the front page by using the principals style guide.

On technical basis we have faced no difficulties. Drupal 8 showed that is a perfect fit for a project like this.
Community contributions
Drupal 8 showed to be a great solution for this project, so no contributions were necessary