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Mytaxflow/FTI Consulting
Mytaxflow has been designed to help business owners manage VAT compliance obligations. Via this portal they can access all filing obligations, submit data, approve returns and monitor progress. Mytaxflow offers a full audit trail of VAT handlings that are outsourced. It saves our client and their clients a great deal of time.
Project description
Our client takes care of VAT declarations for entrepreneurs who are active in a foreign (EU) country. For example a business owner from China who has to file VAT returns in Poland.

In the period before Mytaxflow, this was quite a cumbersome process. The account managers at our clients office all worked with their own Excel sheets for keeping an overview of the VAT declarations. Their task is to gather and process all the necessary data for filing the declaration, but because there was no central overview the quality of the service was not as high as it could be.

The original inquiry therfore was to build a ‘portal’ which would improve the service by:
- Self service for the customers
- Uniform workflow for the account managers
- Guarding deadlines
- Overview of outstanding declarations
- Automatic billing

Although the customer originally asked for a fixed price quotation, we offered them a more flexible collaboration in which there would be room for experimenting, reacting to insights and testing of assumptions. An Agile project in which we used Drupal 8 as a rapid prototype solution. Drupal proved to be a solid application framework and the right choice for the job.
Mytaxflow now has a VAT calendar and a cockpit containing all upcoming and filed VAT returns for all entities of a company. The client is notified to upload data and is able to follow progress with automated status updates. After preparation, the draft returns are available to the client for approval and payment. After filing the VAT returns are archived in the system with complete working papers and communications log.

Mytaxflow has the following features:
- Complete VAT compliance process with all relevant data and communication in one central place
- Cockpit and Calendar with the current status of all VAT returns and other related declarations
- System monitors and enforces deadlines
- Automated email reminders for information, approval, internal deadline and filing/payment deadline
- Up/download VAT compliance data
- Communication log of progress per return
- A well-structured central VAT compliance archive
- Automatic billing of all actions

Mytaxflow has been developed in an Agile project by Atom in close cooperation with the compliance team of FTI consulting. FTI is increasingly saving time on VAT declarations, the quality of the data/declarations has vastly improved and far less deadlines are missed.
Ultimately the new portal not only solves the original issues, but also proves to be a unique selling point to new customers.
The first and foremost challenge was building a future ready platform, meaning building on Drupal 8 in a fairly early stage (may 2016). Not only Drupal and modules like the ‘Group’ module were not really mature at that time, also ‘the switch’ was a challenge for our team. Nevertheless we succeeded and believe the D8 ‘rebuild’ of Drupal has proven to be a very important step for Drupal to stay a competitive option amongst contemporary application frameworks.
Community contributions
This is by far the most extensive and complex project Atom has build by far, it is truly a application to be proud of not just for Atom but for Drupal as well. It’s a project with continued development making it likely that specific feature requests will lead to new sponsored modules or patches on other modules as a return to the community.

Although there unfortunately hasn’t been time (yet) to ‘give back’, we sincerely hope that by showing this project, we can illustrate that Drupal is a serious candidate for realizing business applications. Since the ‘modernization’ in Drupal 8 it can genuinely compete with other frameworks such as Symfony/Laravel etcetera.