Eva Jinek, a personal bond between television and online content

The case
Publishing / Media
In 2017 Eva Jinek (1978, Tulsa Oklahoma) acquired a huge fanbase with her late night talkshow and online platform Jinek, which won her the prestigious Televizierring and Dutch Interactive Awards. On Jinek.nl, Eva offers quality journalism where people can interact and engage with on a personal level. KRO-NCRV uses Drupal and Facebook Instant Articles for delivering multi-channel content.
Project description
Dutch public broadcasting network KRO-NCRV combines engaging journalism on television with an online format where hundreds of thousands of people can literally interact with Eva and her topics. Eva Jinek offers fresh views on daily news to a growing online community. Online content is essential for attracting new viewers for the television program while viewers look for the background stories online. Eva’s online platform won the silver Dutch Interactive Award in July 2017, in the category content.
Sophisticated, engaging and constructive are core values for Eva Jinek. The website is interlinked with Evabot, a messenger bot where fans and readers can open a dialogue with the news platform. Eva offers well founded topics told in a constructive, well meaning way engaging people willing to let go of their regular newsfilters. Whether it’s in television, on the website or social media.

LimoenGroen developed the website Jinek.nl , which offers a solid mix between editorial content and contributions from fans and viewers. LimoenGroen previously developed De Rijdende Rechter en Binnenstebuiten for KRO-NCRV. Staying with Drupal for Jinek allows for content editors to quickly publish content in the way they are used to. GreenBerry was involved for the concept and the design, No Protocol developed the chatbot.
Getting people to broaden their newsfilter and introducing Eva Jinek als TV-independent online news platform was a huge challenge. Eva was virtually non-existent as a news icon. Going from 0 to 140.000 likes on Facebook and reaching well over 400.000 unique website visitors per month was a great challenge. It was successfully overcome, early after its start in 2017. Eva Jinek is also the first public broadcast TV producer to acquire her own internet platform. This pioneering role offered some extra challenges.
Serving a news reading community online 24/7 was a new challenge for NPO and KRO-NCRV. Creating clever content distribution through the website, Facebook and the Chatbot was paramount for the success of the platform.
Community contributions
Relying heavily on Vertical tabs, we submitted several patches during the project ( https://www.drupal.org/node/2221307 ). We also added patches for Menu position to fix the wrong title in breadcrumbs: https://www.drupal.org/files/issues/wrong_page_title-993958-13.patch

Another contribution came in the form of several community presentations (i.e. DrupalCon Vienna) on the use of Google AMP for instantly serving pages and Facebook Instant Articles embedding user engagement on Facebook within the website. We shared the pro’s, con’s and valuable insights on how this works with Drupal.