Do you need an analysis on the levels of competence of teams within your organization? The Team Analysis survey tool is the solution!

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As a new player on the market, Organiseer Het Zelf was looking for a tool to use as an instrument to support the desired team and organization development. An educational and challenging question with an end result that we are very proud of!
Project description
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Organiseer Het Zelf supports organizations that utilize self-organization and want to guarantee the success of self-organization. Self-organization means that teams are given more responsibility and authority within the organization to make better decisions. The goal is to shift tasks that were previously executed by the manager or a staff department towards the teams. The role of managers and those of the staff departments should ultimately not be necessary anymore.

The service of Organiseer Het Zelf contains various instruments and interventions to support the desired organizational development. Examples are organization research, use of surveys for team insight, and development programs for teams, staff, and management.

The customer Organiseer Het Zelf has come to us through our own network.

Organizations and self-managing teams want to know for themselves how well they are doing, whether they are making progress and how the organization scores overall. Organiseer Het Zelf has researched the questions that have to be asked with which they could set up a scoring mechanism and test the degree of self-management. Organiseer Het Zelf has developed a model based on this research.
We were asked to develop a tool based on their model to facilitate self-managing teams in determining their level of self-management.

Use the Team Analysis survey tool as an instrument to support the desired organizational development.

1. We received a detailed model of the research from the customer in an Excel sheet. In it was the process description of the different roles and functions, the survey questions, the calculation model, and the improvement texts for reports.
2. Based on this input we built the tools within Drupal 8.
3. The Team Analysis survey was developed as a tool: a form that you fill out as a team / organization per research round. You receive scores based on the various research rounds and a report with recommendations for improvement.

We took Drupal 8 as a starting point in which we have applied the possibilities of roles and permissions that the platform offers out of the box. We used the webform module for the survey. Additionally, we created a dashboard for the teams and the organization that readily shows how they score within the tool.

The team analysis - survey tool is finishged and in use. Organiseer Het Zelf and this tool are new to the market and starting up now.
- The inexperience with the webform implementation in Drupal 8. In order to overcome this, there has been a lot of research time in the operation and the possibilities of this module.
- To collect the results for the presentation in the dashboards and the reports. With the expansion on the webform module we have been able to deliver custom work and generate results to be able to create the dashboards and reports.
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